3 Ways to Make the Most of Your Gas Fireplace

A fireplace is more than just a source of heat for your home. For thousands of years, fireplaces have been the heart, soul and hearth of a home. Thanks to new sources of energy, fireplaces are more convenient and efficient than ever. Take a look at our helpful tips so you can make the most of your gas fireplace this winter season.

Use a Gas Log Set

Using a gas log set is a beautiful and heat-efficient way to make the most of your gas fireplace. Based on your particular wants and needs, gas log sets come in vented and vent-free options.

Vented gas log sets produce tall, roaring flames that roll over the logs, making them look just like a wood-burning fire. These log sets require your fireplace to have a chimney with a damper to regulate air flow as your fire burns. Because of this, a portion of your home’s heated air escapes through the chimney, making them somewhat less heat-efficient than vent-free gas logs.

Vent-free gas log sets, as previously mentioned, warm your home more efficiently than vented gas logs. They don’t require a chimney, so all the heat their fires produce goes directly into your home to provide warmth. This makes them both more heat and energy efficient. However, they are aesthetically less pleasing than vented gas logs since, rather than producing beautiful rolling flames, they produce small flames that can’t reach the logs.

Choose the Optimal Place for Your Fireplace

After you decide which type of gas logs are best for you and your home, decide where in your home would be the best place for your new fireplace. If you already have a fireplace in your home, you can easily convert that into your new fireplace for your vented or vent-free gas log set.

If you do not already have a fireplace in your home, consider where the most efficient place for your fireplace might be. Maybe you want a traditional living room fireplace that you and your guests can all enjoy. Or perhaps you’d prefer a cozy bedroom fireplace for those chilly late nights spent reading or watching television.

Wherever you choose, keep in mind that you want to select a place where you’ll get the most use and heating efficiency out of your fireplace. Your location may also determine whether you are able to get vented or vent-free gas logs, so your preference of logs may also be a factor in your location.

Work With a Professional Company

Dealing with pyrotechnics can be risky business. In order to ensure that your new fireplace is installed properly and is in good working order, consult a technician certified by the National Fireplace Institute. These professionals can install your new products and conduct inspections on the ones you already own to ensure your home is safe and your fireplace is working optimally.

Let Emberside Help You Make the Most of Your Gas Fireplace

Make the most of your gas fireplace by choosing one of Emberside’s quality gas log sets. Peruse our selection of vented and vent-free gas logs, and contact us with any questions you may have or when you’re ready to go wood-free.