5 Holiday Traditions to Start with your Family This Year

One of the most anticipated times of the year is finally here and in full swing. The holidays are already exciting with all the lights, gifts and good food to look forward to. This time of the year can be even more meaningful if you add an annual tradition, something specific that you’re guaranteed to do each year. Spread the cheer this year by starting some of these holiday traditions with your family.

1. Spread “Joy to The World”

A great way to get you and your family into the holiday spirit is to go caroling. You could join a local caroling choir, or gather your friends and family and strike out on your own caroling journey. Try visiting a children’s hospital or nursing home to brighten up those who can’t be home for the holidays. If you’re afraid your singing voice might do more harm than good, having a sing along in the comfort of your own home with your loved ones can still be a blast.

2. Make a Holiday Scrapbook

Gather some arts and crafts materials and bring out those old family photos for activity time by the warm hearth. Looking through your family’s pictures over the years brings back fond memories and can help bring you all closer together each season. For those of you who are a bit more technologically oriented, you can still have fun with your digital photos. Just make a digital scrapbook instead with fancy frames and cute fonts, and turn it into a slideshow you can enjoy again and again.

3. Craft Your Own Ornaments

While shiny silver balls and twinkling lights make for a lovely looking Christmas tree, nothing makes a tree cozier than seeing your own homemade ornaments hanging from the branches. It’s a relaxing, fun activity you can do with your kids, and they’ll be so proud when they get to hang their own personalized ornament on the family tree. Let their creativity soar as they fashion thematic ornaments of Chewbacca, Rudolph or their favorite dinosaurs. Or, provide them with little frames they can decorate in which they can insert a picture of themselves, the family pet or the entire family.

4. Celebrate in The Kitchen

Each year, you could let your kids pick out a different theme for a cake, pie or tray of cookies that you can all make together. Maybe you can make an angel food cake that they can decorate with little Christmas angels made of frosting. Or try making a pumpkin pie with fudge poured on top on the shape of a reindeer. How about little sugar cookies with blue and white sprinkles shaped like dreidels? Whatever holiday you’re celebrating, show your kids they can have some holiday fun in the kitchen too.

5. Evenings Around The Fire

Cuddle up by the fireplace each year for movie or story time. Pick out some of your family’s favorite holiday movies to watch with some hot cocoa, and maybe even with some roasted marshmallows or kettle corn. Reading classic holiday stories aloud together is another cozy fireside favorite. You can even bring out some of those tasty treats you made together to munch on when it’s not your time to read.

Let Emberside Fuel Your Holiday Traditions With Your Family

It’s never too late to start some fun holiday traditions with your family. Emberside is here for all your fireplace needs and to make sure your fire doesn’t burn out before your festivities end.