6 Ideas for Staying in on Date Night

Date night doesn’t always need to involve grand public theatrics. Sure, going out on special dates is important for relationships, but staying in on date night can be just as romantic and enjoyable. Show your loved one how much they mean to you by planning one of these ideas for date nights in the comfort of your own home.

Have a Movie Night at Home

Grab your hot cocoa, gather your plush blankets and dig your remote out of the sofa cushions because you’re in for the coziest date night of the season. When it’s too cold to get out of the house to see a movie in theaters, create your own theater at home with that special someone. Your own sofa is way more cuddle-worthy than theater seats, and who wants to pay those theater prices anyway?

Cook Dinner at Home Together

Nothing says romance like a little bit of turmeric, dijon and a whole lot of paprika. Okay, maybe romance wasn’t the right word, but believe it or not, cooking a meal together can actually make for a great date night. Your home will be filled with the warmth and smells of a home-cooked meal, and don’t worry if things get a little messy. Just add some music to the mix, and staying in on date night might be your new favorite way to celebrate how much you love each other.

Game Night!

Whether you’re into board games, card games or video games, set aside a night to stay in and have a game night with your significant other. Prepare some tasty snacks, and even liven things up a bit by turning some of the games into drinking games. Add an extra element of excitement by playing games like strip chess or strip poker to get the night going in another direction.

Drinks and Music by the Fire

Picture America about 50 years ago and envision a couple in lovely clothing, hand in hand dancing on the ornate rugs that carpet the floor beneath their bare feet. Slow, jazzy music flows out of their jukebox, and the fire crackles in the hearth in the background. Even if you can’t recreate that scene or that isn’t even your style, you can still plan a romantic evening by the fire together. Pop open your favorite bottle of wine, put on your favorite dancing tunes and sweep your sweetheart off their feet.

Prepare a Relaxing Spa Night

Okay, so here’s where things can get really steamy — literally. Run a hot bath filled with oils, bath salts or bubbles, and toss in a few dozen rose petals for good measure. Turn on relaxing, instrumental tunes to help you get in the mood, and offer to give your partner a massage. Where things go from here, only the two of you will know.

Plan Your Ultimate Getaway

Everyone has plans and dreams that they want to fulfill, but it seems impossible to find the time to actually make them happen. If you and your loved one have always dreamed of taking that cruise up around Alaska, floating down the canals of Venice or trekking through the Amazonian jungles, set aside a date night for the two of you to finally plan your ultimate trip together. It’s romantic, exciting and full of anticipation and possibilities.

Create the Perfect Atmosphere for Staying in on Date Night

Now that your romantic creativity is flowing, make your night complete with all the right fireplace accessories. Take a look at our gas logs and fireplace accessories we offer here at Emberside, and let us help you create the atmosphere you need for staying in on date night with your special someone.