6 Ways to Update Your Fireplace and Mantel

affordable fireplace upgrades

We all rely on our fireplaces to provide not just warmth in the wintertime, but a feeling of home and hearth, a feeling of welcoming and safety. We want our fireplaces to look as beautiful as the comfort they offer us, but like every other appliance in your home, your fireplace gets old after a while. Since these tend to be integral to the house, they can as such be a bit tougher to upgrade.

There are, however, things you can do to update and improve your fireplace and mantel. Learn a number of affordable fireplace upgrades you can perform on any budget that will take your hearth to a level of beauty that matches its warmth and comfort.

Affordable Fireplace Upgrades

Not all fireplace upgrades have to cost thousands of dollars. In fact, even those that seem more major can rank only a few hundred dollars at most. Some of the best affordable fireplace upgrades are adding glass doors, repairing your firebrick, replacing your mantel, adding some tiling or creating stone veneer.

Adding a Fireplace Screen

Adding a fireplace screen to replace your folding wire screen is not only a gorgeous and affordable upgrade, it can keep your gorgeous fireplace the focal feature of the room even in the summer when the warmth it provides is not needed.



Inspiration: My Repurposed Life

Whitewash Outdated Bricks Back to Life

Updating the brick surrounding your fireplace can be a simple weekend project. Gather your drop cloth, paint, ladder, brushes and friends to bring new life to your outdated fireplace area.



Inspiration: Elizabeth Joan Designs

Replace Your Mantel

Okay, this sounds much more expensive than you might want to consider, but actually, replacing your mantel doesn’t have to cost thousands of dollars. You can get gorgeous mantel kits that come together with just a few screws, and paint up nicely. You can also check architectural salvage places for beautiful mantels that have been rescued, and you’ll be amazing at the class they can bring.



Inspiration: Young House Love

Add Some Tiling

Tile is a great way to add colorful and elegant accent to your fireplace and the area around it. Put down a beautiful tile pattern on the floor before your firebox, or even on the wall above and around the mantel. It can take the hearth to the next level and make it an eye-catching centerpiece for your home.



Inspiration: Thrifty Decor Chick


Natural Stone Veneer

Instead of tile consider adding a natural stone veneer, either with multiple stones or with granite or marble slabs. This is among the more potentially costly upgrades, but it adds a sense of elegance and timeless class as well as an all-natural, earthy look to your hearth.



Inspiration: Driven by Decor

Bonus: Consider a Gas Log Fireplace

One of the greatest, most eco-friendly and affordable fireplace upgrades is to replace your old wood burner with a vented or vent-free gas log fireplace from Emberside. Take some time to look over all of the different products we have to offer, as well as accessories and replacement log sets, and get in touch with us for more information today.