6 Ways to Upgrade Your Fireplace on a Budget

Are you tired of the same old fireplace that’s been staring back at you all these years? Or maybe you’ve just moved into a new place only to discover the style of the fireplace doesn’t match your furniture style at all. Fireplaces seem like such permanent features that it can be difficult for some of us to consider upgrading them within a reasonable budget. We’re here to help with these six original ways you can upgrade your fireplace on a budget.

1. Textured Paneling

Compliment your favorite tree outside the window or your favorite piece of art with three-dimensional panels framing your fireplace. Dimensional panels make enough of a statement on their own to allow you to skip on a pricey mantel or additional surrounding artwork.

2. Less Money for Your Mantle

If you are set in your ways and need a mantle for your fireplace, search around at auctions, salvage stores and estate sales for discounted mantles. You can find beautifully ornate, vintage mantles at great rates when you shop to save at secondhand stores.

3. Color Contrast

If you want to upgrade your fireplace on a budget but aren’t in the mood for a total remodel, try simply changing up the colors with a dramatic contrasting color scheme. If your fireplace is currently surrounded by a cool colored plaster or brick, repaint it with a warmer color to give the impression that your fireplace underwent more dramatic of a change than it actually did.

4. Mix It Up

Rather than maintaining one material such as brick, stone or wood throughout the room housing your fireplace, mix it up with varying surroundings. A hardwood floor and mantle beautifully surrounds a stone fireplace setting. Find reasonably priced materials that will last the test of time, and your investment will be worth it years down the road.

5. It’s All in the Accents

Maybe you don’t have the time or budget to revamp your actual fireplace or mantle; don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Peruse local thrift stores and garage sales for artwork that appeals to you and your great sense of style. Keep in mind that art comes in many forms, from paintings to vases to sculptures, so don’t limit yourself to only objects you can hang on a wall. Position your findings on your mantle or on shelves surrounding your fireplace to give it a whole new look.

6. Marbled Marvels

Marble immediately gives off an air of superior quality and taste, and now you can give this impression without having to invest in actual marble. Adhesive papers that mimic the look and texture of marble are easy to find and are at a low cost to you. Upgrade that flat area lining the opening of your fireplace by pasting marbled paper over the current material. It’s a great option for those of you wanting to upgrade your fireplace on a budget, as well as those of you with picky landlords. If they don’t like what you’ve done with the place after you move out, they can easily remove your marbled masterpiece to return the fireplace to its original state.

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