7 Autumn Decorating Tips for Your Living Room

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If there’s one thing that Pinterest is great for, it’s inspiration. The platform has literally thousands of suggestions for just about anything you might be searching. With fall just around the corner, it’s time to look at cost-saving decorating tips to make your living room feel warm and welcome the fall season.

Let’s explore a number of great autumn decorating tips for your living room, from colors and art to decorating the area around your gas fireplace logs. Fire up your Pinterest account and get inspired!

Ten Fall Décor Ideas

These fall décor ideas include a festive harvest-themed chalkboard, earth-tone throw pillows, a welcoming fall wreath at the door and even attractive centerpieces. They’re a great jumping-off point for your inspiration.



Ideas from Simply Clarke.

Budget Friendly Fall Décor Tips

These five great tips for decorating your living room this fall are specifically designed to add color and warmth to your home without breaking the budget. They recommend embracing the subtle, using what you have, adding a bit of nature and taking a minimalist approach to your decorative scheme.



Tips from Heathered Nest.

Candles and Cardstock

Get crafty and create faux plants that will never die, and all you need is a bit of cardstock and a few branches from the yard! Add these stylish arrangements to some candles for warmth, and you’ve got a beautiful and welcoming display.



Idea from 52 Mantels.

Decorating Trends This Fall

The UK version of Good Housekeeping presents these fall decorating trends, all gathered from your local furniture store. They include a fireplace feature for your gas fireplace logs, as well as new and innovative ways to display framed art and photos.



Ideas from Good Housekeeping UK.

Farmhouse Living Room Décor

If you’ve been thinking of experimenting with a rustic design scheme, autumn is the ideal time to give it a try! Farmhouse-style design is the perfect way to go in the fall months. It creates an earthy, wholesome feel infused with convenience and nostalgia and its appeal grows every year. This kind of design scheme never goes out of style.



Ideas from Dady Homes.

Go Country

If you’re looking for the very best in harvest or rustic design scheme ideas, you can’t beat Country Living as a source of inspiration. These ideas (over 100 of them!) will help you turn your basic living space into a country retreat and range from budget solutions to luxurious additions.



Ideas from Country Living.

Increase Your Comfort Levels

Autumn is all about being cozy and comfortable. Here’s a number of easy life hacks and quick adjustments to increase the comfort level of your home, making it ideal for entertaining guests or just enjoying a cozy evening or a long weekend with a book and a glass of wine.



Ideas from Ideal Home.

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