7 Drinks for the Whole Family to Enjoy by the Fire

Family friendly drinks

We’re in the full swing of summertime, and that means outdoor fun, pool parties, and yes, sitting around the campfire in the evenings. In your backyard, this could mean your stylish new gas log fireplace that forms the centerpiece of your outdoor oasis. Of course, there’s a lot to be said for grown-up parties and cocktails, but there’s also got to be room for family fun as well.

So what kinds of beverages will satisfy the whole family this year as you gather ‘round the fireplace in the late summer nights? Let’s check out a few family-friendly drinks to enjoy around your gas log fireplace this summer, as you create memories that will hopefully last for a lifetime.

The Classic Family Friendly Drinks: Coffee, Tea and Cocoa

Of course, there are certain family friendly drinks that are always classics. These include coffee, tea and hot cocoa. Yes, it’s certainly hot in the summer, with your fireplace adding more heat, so who wants hot drinks on top? The good news is that all of these can be given a summer twist just by adding some ice!

Iced tea is a perennial classic. Iced coffee is also a classic drink, and while it’s not quite as well known as iced tea, if you haven’t tried it, give it a go! Some people are shocked at the idea of iced cocoa, but it’s a sweet, creamy and tasty.



Recipes: RVC Outdoor Destinations


Cider is another classic beverage, and though it’s more of the fall drinking variety, even in the summer a cool cider around the fire can be refreshing and give a homey feel to your gathering. It’s a great option whether you’re relaxing in the evening or as an after-dinner treat.



Recipe: Life Is Poppin


What better drink is there in the summer than fresh-squeezed lemonade? Nothing in the world goes better with summer fun than this refreshing drink. When fresh squeezed isn’t an option, there’s tons of tasty instant options available that you can keep handy for a quick drink.



Recipe: Mom Endeavors

Soda Pop Floats

Ice cream is another summertime classic. When you combine it with soda, it’s a superior treat for dessert or for laughs around the fireplace. Everyone’s heard of root beer floats, but have you tried an orange creamsicle float? Add a scoop of vanilla ice cream to orange soda and you’ll be amazed. Try a cola float, a cream soda float, or even a float with strawberry ice cream and mint ginger ale for a really sweet treat you won’t forget!



Recipe: Better Homes and Garden

The Classic Shirley Temple

Many adults think of the Shirley Temple as a drink they leave behind when they get old enough for alcohol, but the truth is, a classic Shirley Temple is delicious and refreshing. If you haven’t tried one, you must. Mix some mint ginger ale with Maraschino cherry juice, and drop a cherry or two in it, then garnish with a mint sprig!



Recipe: Home Made Lovely

Finding Your Gas Log Fireplace

Of course, drinking around the fireplace requires a great fireplace to drink around. Emberside specializes in providing the best products and options around. Check out our complete collection of gas logs, accessories, and other outdoor living features.