7 Netflix Originals to Binge Watch This Winter

Netflix has been around for awhile now, but in recent years they have come out with some pretty astounding original series. This winter, gather your friends, grab your cocoa and cozy up in front of the hearth because we’re giving you seven Netflix originals you can’t help but binge watch.

1. Stranger Things

Let’s begin by introducing the show everyone’s been talking about lately. In short, it’s the story of a young girl and her newfound comrades saving the world from interdimensional siege. Elements of suspense, the importance of interpersonal connection and bits of endearing humor will keep your eyes glued to the screen and your hands glued to your neighbor’s.

2. Orange is the New Black

If you haven’t seen it yet, prepare yourself for what is now four seasons of binge-worthy television. Groundbreaking for multiple reasons, this show is in many ways about the lives women lead behind closed doors both in and out of prison.

3. Making a Murderer

Continuing the lawbreaking trend, this true crime thriller delves into the inner workings of the individual’s mind in directions you never thought you’d travel. It’s heavy, thought provoking plot centers around an exonerated convict and America’s political and cultural involvement. So intriguing you can’t stop watching, yet you might want to take a break here and there for morale.

4. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

On a more lighthearted note, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt might just be the kind of comedic relief you’ll need to get you through the colder, shorter days of winter. Protagonist Kimmy Schmidt is set loose upon the streets of New York City after living in an underground bunker for the majority of her life, and awkward hilarity ensues.

5. Jessica Jones

For those of you who have not seen Jessica Jones, drop what you’re doing and switch on the Netflix because this first season will have you hooked, superhero fan or not. A mind-controlling villain wreaks havoc on the mental and physical states of those near him, and this show’s powerful characters demolish anything standing in their way of defeating him, as well as their own inner demons.

6. House of Cards

Next up is the show that revolutionized television show binge watching when Netflix released the entire first season at once in 2013. The political drama shows the edgy, ruthless side of politics that leaves viewers hoping such methods stay restricted to the screen. While political dramas may not be everyone’s cup of cocoa, it’s definitely worth watching — and you might even find yourself addicted to this award-winning original.

7. Bojack Horseman Christmas Special

While the Christmas Special is only one episode, ‘tis the season after all. If somewhat twisted, animated comedies are your preference, start binge watching Bojack Horseman ASAP. You should have plenty of time to watch the entire series by Christmas, just in time for the Christmas Special. In this case, we urge you to gather your friends and grab your eggnog, because you’re in for the roller coaster ride that is an equine actor’s self-pitying range of emotions.

Netflix Originals by The Fireside

Hopefully we’ve provided you with enough viewing materials to get you through this year’s winter. Make sure you also have enough Emberside gas logs to get you through the winter, as well as to fuel your fireplace through all your Netflix originals binge watching.