7 Recipes to Enjoy by the Fire on Chilly Nights

We’ve all been in the situation where it’s freezing outside, you’re hungry and you don’t want to venture out into the bone-chilling temperatures or pay for delivery. So what can you do? Go ahead and start planning now for your next chilly night in with these recipes to enjoy by the fire this winter. And with Valentine’s Day right around the corner, what could be more romantic than preparing a delicious meal for your loved one in the comfort of your cozy, candle-filled home?

1. Minestrone Verde

Soups are the perfect winter dinnertime recipes to enjoy by the fire. Warm, comforting and aromatic, they keep you warm while reminding you that ‘tis the season for snow and ice. This particular Italian soup recipe is filled with hearty green vegetables like kale, leeks, peas, zucchini and basil pesto and is sure to have your taste buds saying, “Kale yeah!”

2. BBQ Chicken Flatbread Pizza

No matter what time of day or year it is and no matter what age you are, pizza makes for a great meal. And who doesn’t love bar-b-que? This recipe combines the two in one mouth-watering meal. Buy your own pre-made flatbread from the store, and you have a quick, easy and tasty meal to look forward to. Enjoy it this winter by the fire, and you’ll feel like you’re at an exceptionally cozy stone-fired pizza joint.

3. Spiced Vegan Lentil Soup

Meat-lovers and veggie fanatics unite! Another hearty soup perfect for savoring during these cold months, this recipe incorporates many items you likely already have in your kitchen. So next time a snow-pocalypse hits your town, hit up your pantry to whip up this delicious meal.

4. Sesame Chicken Potstickers

Potstickers, commonly known as dumplings, make a great addition to any meal. They also make for a fun group cooking activity! Dumplings freeze and reheat very well, so invite your friends over for a night in to make an abundance of potstickers you can enjoy over and over again. Nix the chicken or replace it with a meat substitute to make an equally tasty vegetarian version.

5. Chicken Enchiladas

Add a little spice to your night with these homemade enchiladas with your very own homemade red sauce to boot. This meal of cheesy, spicy heaven will have you digging in before you even make it to your seat with your plate.

6. Miso Glazed Black Cod

This is one of our more unique wintertime recipes to enjoy by the fire, but we guarantee that you won’t regret it if you try it. Black cod with its amazingly buttery texture just melts away in your mouth, and the savory miso glaze compliments its taste perfectly. Serve it alone or atop a bed of shiitake mushrooms and bok choy.

7. White Chicken Chili

Have we mentioned that we love soups? As if our previous haven’t been enough to do the trick, we now present a delightful white chili to match the white snowfall outside. Like many soups, chili can often be made from many items already in your kitchen. So go ahead and take inventory of your foodstuffs, get to the grocery store and prepare yourself for a big bowl of chili you can enjoy on one of these chilly nights.

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