Five Tips To Wow at Your Winter Outdoor Gathering

Just because temperatures have dropped doesn’t mean you need to seclude your social life to the indoors for the remainder of winter. Thanks to outdoor fireplaces, you can create the perfect winter ambiance centered around your backyard’s new centerpiece. Cue the glowing embers. 

To help out with your next soiree, take some tips from our five “S’s” of entertaining in the great outdoors.


If you’re convincing your guests to throw caution – and heat circulation – to the wind (literally), you need to invest in the perfect outdoor set-up to keep them warm and well. When deciding to purchase an outdoor fireplace, there are several decisions you’ll be faced with until you find the one that’s right for you. For example, our Sienna Outdoor Fireplace is more than just a source of warming, it’s also a central gathering space where your guests can create lifelong memories. If you’re worried about installation, don’t be. The fireplace takes two people only 20 minutes to assemble and doesn’t require a professional, leaving you with more time and budget.

 You’ll then need to consider what kind of logs you will use in your fire. While the first choice that comes to mind may be standard wood, we’d recommend investing in a gas logs set. Gas logs are hassle-free, leaving little to no mess behind, are more cost-efficient, cutting out the ongoing cost of standard fireplace wood, and are safe, not risking rogue sparks flying outside your fireplace. They are also beautiful, coming in intricate, handcrafted combinations of large and small sizes, evoking a traditional campfire. Here are some more gas log benefits to consider, and a guide to help you choose the perfect gas log set.


Now that you’ve nested outside, it’s time to turn to safety precautions. The last thing you want at your shindig is someone getting injured. Learn how to keep your guests safe with our outdoor fireplace safety guide. This guide covers safety precautions from set-up to sundown, and is critical to ensure that you are using your outdoor fireplace correctly and not putting others’ safety in danger.


Your fire is built and now you need to determine where your guests will sit to enjoy your new fireplace. This is a great opportunity to put your dusting patio furniture to use at long last! You may also want to invest in a fireplace screen if you are positioning your furniture close to the flames. If you plan to eat outside, a sturdy table in front of the fire won’t only keep your guests warm, but it will make for a gorgeous tablescape.


Snacks are critical for any social gathering. With your new outdoor fireplace, there are endless possibilities for some yummy bites to get whipped up right outside. Try these delicious pizza recipes for the main course and finish the night with some life-changing s’mores. To cook the pizzas, invest in our Pizza Oven Insert and Pizza Stone to instantly transport your guests to the coast of Italy.


Last but not least, no party is complete without its libations. Help your guests stay warm outside by preparing some traditional, warm winter beverages. Two of our favorites are a classic hot toddy and the ever-popular hot apple cider.