Beat the Winter Blues: Decor for a Cozy Living Room

Many folks out there love the wintertime. Thoughts of hot chocolate, mulled wine and the smells of baked goods come to mind and bring a special warmth to their hearts. Others of us, however, may not be such fans of the wintertime. That doesn’t mean you should just suffer through the season, by any means. Take a look at these simple ways to beat the winter blues this season by discovering your perfect decor for a cozy living room.

Rustic-Chic or Wintry Elegance?

When you’re ready to start winterizing your decor for a cozy living room, it’s helpful to stick with a certain style. Consider your own personal tastes and what makes you feel cozy and content. Is it a more laid back, rustic-chic style with lots of warm colors, outdoor themes and plaid? Stick with reds, browns and greens. Think of your perfect winter cabin getaway full of mason jars, woodland critters and natural wood accents.

Or maybe you prefer the finer things in life to come together and create an elegant winter wonderland right in your living room? Cooler colors like whites, light blues and silvers can give off the classy vibe you’re looking for. Create your own ice castle with elegant fur rugs, clear glass tables and mirrors, mirrors on the wall.

Fluffy Blankets and Pillows

Fluffy blankets can turn any room into a cozy living area perfect for reading, sipping on hot tea or just lounging with your best friend or family pet. Snuggle up in a country-style plaid blanket fashioned from thick flannel, or curl up in a fluffy fleece throw covered in snowflakes, penguins, polar bears or whatever wintry theme you desire.

Use your winter-themed blankets to accent your sofas and chairs to create a style that makes you and your guests feel at home in the wintertime. Arrange fluffy pillows on all the furniture to ensure that no one goes without their dose of comfy and cozy. And remember, keep your blankets and pillows in theme with your overall winter living room style.

Winter Mantel Decor

If your fireplace mantel is normally covered in photos of you and your besties having fun in the sun at the beach, mix things up during the winter months by replacing them with more seasonally appropriate pictures. Take some selfies of you and your family in your hats and mittens with your hot cocoa. Dress up the family pet like a snowman or reindeer, and have a photoshoot. If you’re the more adventurous type, gather photos of your outdoor recreational activities like snowboarding or skiing.

In addition to pictures, add more wintry decorations like holiday-themed decor, candles and even fresh pine needles and pinecones. Fresh pine gives your mantle a classy look while also filling your home with its fresh smell. Keep in mind that your mantel is the centerpiece of you living room, so a few changes in decoration can go a long way to change the overall vibe of the room.

Gas Logs Make the Perfect Decor for a Cozy Living Room

Don’t let your fireplace go unused this winter. Cozying up next to a warm, crackling fire can immediately lift your spirits and make you reconsider whether or not you may actually be a winter person. Emberside’s gas logs can help make the perfect decor for a cozy living room. Contact us if you have any questions or when you see something you like!