Features of the Best Ventless Gas Log Sets

best ventless gas log sets

Indulge in the comfort and warmth expressed by the captivating glow from your gas fireplace logs minus the smoke, soot and shooting lit embers real wood logs can give off. When choosing the best ventless gas log sets you have to consider the features that come with each brand and style.

Allow us a moment of your time to share the highlighted features of the finest ventless gas logs, so you can make a selection that suits your needs.

Safety Always Comes First

Dealing with gas heating units safely is the first thing you must consider. The best ventless gas log sets have the best in safety features to protect you, your family and your guests in the event that something goes awry with your gas burning fireplace.

Oxygen depletion, carbon dioxide, and carbon monoxide are of great concern dealing with anything that is gas operated. Every home should have carbon monoxide detectors, but when it comes to oxygen depletion and carbon dioxide, the superior vent free gas logs come with an (ODS) Oxygen Depletion System to add to the safety of your home. Some municipalities do not allow ventless gas log units unless they are equipped with oxygen depletion or carbon dioxide safety systems.

High-quality vent free gas logs also come with flex hose for the burner that is already assembled to make installation easy and safer.

Being American National Systems Institutes certified for propane or natural gas is an additional feature you want to see from ventless gas log sets, for an extra safety cushion to help you rest assured that you chose a top-notch set.

You’re Getting Warmer!

Heat output between 35,000-37,000 BTUs certainly guarantees to keep your place super cozy and warm. Now, gas heating fireplaces may seem like an expensive investment. But, if you look for the best ventless gas log sets that operate on 99% heating efficiency, you will save energy and cash because you won’t use as much gas.

Creating Stunning Ambiance

Watching flames dance inside a fireplace is such a calming experience; it's actually almost hypnotizing to watch as it forms shapes and moves. With vent free gas logs, flame presentation creates the same mesmerizing flame dance offered by real wood logs. A realistic flame presentation is created by precise flame placement in the ceramic logs.

Authentic-looking embers illuminate your room with a marvelous glow as the flames make contact with them. You may also enhance the glow and authentic look of your fire with faux bright coals, wood chunks, pine cones, acorns and lava rocks. These accessories give your fireplace the appearance that you went deep into the woods and gathered firewood and natural elements for your fireplace.

Other customizing accessories, like the ember bed, make the vent free log set beautiful and complete.

Varying Control Options

Cast away the fear and frustration of striking a match to light your fire because gas fireplaces now have safer and easier options to control your ventless unit. Ignite your fireplace with a simple push of a button or a remote control, both options are called safety pilots. Four safety pilot options are available: manual pilot, regular off/on remote, variable flame remote and electronic ignition remote.

Manual pilot is a turn knob that is lit continuously until you choose to turn it off when fall/winter season ends. The regular on/off remote works just like a TV remote to turn your unit off and on. It also can be operated by a wall switch. Variable flame remote allows you to control the height of the flame.

The crème de la crème of ventless gas log sets will feature the battery operated electronic ignition remote. This remote has a remote control transmitter and receiver to switch the gas on and off. When the gas logs are not on, there are no safety pilots, so that means no noise and no gas is being burned when you are not using your unit.

Log on! We are Here for You

Knowing what the best ventless gas log sets can offer you makes searching for the unit that will warm your home and your spirit is so much easier. We can make it even better by having the most knowledgeable gas fireplace specialists here at Emberside.