Fireplace Design Ideas

No matter how modern and high-tech we get as a society, sometimes the old-fashioned stylings are best, and one home fixture that’s never gone out of style is the fireplace. What has changed are the vast amount of options for these hearth-warming home features.

From vented or ventless gas logs to traditional wood-burners, fireplaces can make your home feel more welcome and increase its value. Check out these modern home fireplace design ideas to not only keep your home warm in winter, but to make it look hot all year round.


Fireplace Design Ideas

There are literally thousands of different sizes and varieties of fireplace on the market. Whether you’re looking to spruce up your traditional chimney-based wood fireplace, to install a brand new ventless gas fireplace, or use an electric option, the fireplace design ideas are endless, limited only by your imagination!

Traditional Brick

Traditional brick fireplaces are classic, welcoming and just speak of home and heart. Place a mirror over the fireplace to further accentuate your personal aesthetic—if you want a more modern design, go with something like a thin-border paneled mirror. For a more classic style, consider an elaborate frame or a genuine antique mirror. This can form the centerpiece of your living room.

If your bricks are starting to look dated, try shoring up the masonry and then painting them. White paint over brick is a classic and classy look that goes with just about any decorative scheme.

Black Slate

For an ultramodern, striking and dramatic design, go with sleek black slate surrounded by a dark-finished wooden mantel. This sort of design is great for a modern office motif or an oriental design scheme. It’ll be eye-catching and sharp, and speaks of luxury.

The Natural Stone Look

Try surrounding your fireplace with natural stone blocks. Whatever kind of stone you choose, it’ll give your room a natural, rustic look that feels traditional and classic. If you’re the type who wants an old-fashioned rural feel, or who likes to feel connected with nature, this is the way to go.

Mosaic Tiles

Retro is in! Go with mosaic tiles to give your fireplace an art deco look, or to evoke the free 60s or disco 70s. Combine it with bright colors and earth tones to create a room that feels upbeat and celebratory, the perfect place to lift your mood even on dark days.

Add an Ornate Mantel

Mantels are back in vogue, and adding an ornate design over and around your fireplace can really hammer home your sense of style. Choose your favorite kind of wood and finish, pick a design that’s as ornate as you like, and fill it with whatever decorative pieces you like!

Gas Log Fireplaces

When you’re considering your fireplace design ideas, consider replacing your old wood burner with a vented or ventless gas log option. It’s safer, less expensive, and results in far less pollution than burning wood; it’s also better for the environment!

For more information about getting a gas log installation, check out our website and call Emberside to get started today!