Fireside Holiday Stories for Your Family

fireside holiday stories

The holidays are upon us and it’s a time where families can gather together around the fire. Nothing quite has the same feeling as the the warmth of a fireplace on a cold winter night surrounded by loved ones. The orange glow of the fire dances around the room complimented by the bright lights of the holiday tree.

Make the most of this precious time by telling an exciting story by the fire. The age-old tradition of hearing stories while gathered around the fire in a cozy circle will never go out of style. It’s a great way to bond with your family and learn more about some distant relatives you may not know that well. Here are some great fireside holiday stories for your family.

The Christmas Fireside

If you love the satirical wit of Mark Twain, you’ll love The Christmas Fireside. This brilliant tale takes fireside holiday stories to its most literal point. Twain continues the trend of putting mischievous characters in the forefront, but the protagonist of this story is more monster than man. The simply named Jim is anything but likeable as the story presents a satirical approach to the political and societal climate at the time.

Note that younger children probably won’t enjoy this story very much. It’s sharp wit and brilliant satire is sure to give older listeners a laugh, but will probably go over the heads of children. The story is more along the lines of an anti-story focusing on what does not happen to the main character, Jim, rather than what does happen to him.

The Fir Tree

Hans Christian Anderson’s The Fir Tree is about a tree that wants to grow taller and taller but fails to appreciate the present. Even after hearing stories about the terrible things that adult trees have to go through, such as being chopped down and used for lumber in shipbuilding, the fir tree is adamant about growing up.

The tree is eventually cut down and used as a Christmas tree where he finally feels relevant only to realize that the festivities are temporary. The moral here is to appreciate the time you have. If you’re not afraid of taking a darker tone with your stories, this one would be perfect for some fireside family fun.

The Gift of the Magi

This short story by O. Henry tells the story of a poor married couple who struggle to buy Christmas gifts for each with the little money they have. People of all ages can enjoy this story as it showcases the value of true love and sacrifice.

The twist ending is well known, but those who haven’t heard the story before are sure to get some excitement out of the brilliantly ironic and heartwarming conclusion. There’s no caution to be had about telling this story. Everyone deserves to hear it at least once.

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