Gas Fireplace Maintenance Checklist


Gas Fireplace Maintenance Checklist

Gas fireplaces can be an awesome addition to your home. No messy wood smoke, no dirty ash — just clean and warm heat. Of course, like any mechanical and electrical appliance, fireplaces need maintenance to keep them functioning efficiently and safely. Failure to properly maintain your fireplace can result in malfunctions, even leaks and fire hazards. Check out this helpful annual gas fireplace maintenance checklist to keep your fireplace working exactly as it’s supposed to, for this year and down the line.

Gas Fireplace Maintenance Checklist

The basics of your gas fireplace maintenance checklist include ten steps. These are:

  1.      Access your firebox
  2.      Clean the glass
  3.      Clean the firebox interior
  4.      Inspect the inside of the box
  5.      Clean the exterior
  6.      Reassemble
  7.      Check the exterior vent (if any)
  8.      Check your CO detector
  9.      Inspect burner ignition
  10.  Get a professional inspection

Access the Firebox

Make sure the fireplace is completely cooled. Turn off the gas, remove the decorative glass or wire front. Your owner’s manual should have complete instructions for this process.

Clean the Protective Glass

Check out the wireframe, protective glass and gaskets for any weakness, scratches or breaks. If there are any, get a replacement — broken or scratched glass can be a major hazard. Wipe it down with specialized fireplace cleaners. Don’t use abrasives and be careful about window cleaners with harsh chemicals that can vaporize under heat.

Clean the Interior

Use a vacuum cleaner, soft cloths and brushes to remove any dirt, dust or contaminants out of the interior. Be as thorough as you can.

Inspect the Firebox

Check for any signs of soot, flaking, rust or other contaminants inside both around the box and in the pilot assembly. Lightly sand off any rust, and repaint the firebox using specially-rated paint designed specifically for fireboxes. Call Emberside for advice on this issue.

Clean the Exterior

Again, using a soft cloth, soft brush and vacuum, clean around the base and the cavity area under the valve. Watch that you don’t dislodge any of the wiring!

Put It Back Together!

Reassemble your fireplace according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Turn the gas back on, and make sure combustibles are a safe distance away.

Examine Exterior Vent

If your fireplace is vented, be sure to check the exterior vent to keep it free from leaves, brush, grass clippings, nests and similar debris.

Check the CO Detector

Carbon monoxide can be deadly in your home, so it is important to make sure the CO detector is functioning properly. Keep it near the ceiling but not directly in the fireplace vicinity.

Check Ignition

Make sure the burner lights smoothly and right away when you turn on the fireplace. If it doesn’t, contact a dealer or service professional.

Get a Professional Inspection

The most important thing you can do every year to keep your fireplace running strong is to have a professional inspection done. Call Emberside for help in making sure your fireplace keeps you warm for many years to come!