Holiday Fireplace Safety When Decorating Your Fireplace

holiday fireplace safety

The holiday season is here and it’s time to start decorating the place. There are some incredible options for mantlepiece decorations from snow scenes to stockings and more. We can’t forget the most important decoration of all, the Christmas tree. However, when you’re decorating around your fireplace, you need to be careful.

With winter right around the corner, your fireplace will probably be getting some use. Nothing quite compares to the warmth experienced by sitting by the fire on a cool winter night. Decorations around the fireplace can pose some fire hazards, however, so make sure you and your family stay safe. That doesn’t mean you have to choose between your fireplace or your decorations. Enjoy both using our tips for holiday fireplace safety when decorating your fireplace.

Make a Plan

No matter how much you prepare, accidents can still happen. Even if there’s a 1% chance of an accident happening, you need to be 100% prepared. Before you even use your fireplace decorated or not, you need to make sure your smoke alarms and carbon dioxide detectors are working. Not all fireplace dangers are visible, and you need to know if something is going wrong even when you’re not in the room.

Have an exit strategy in place should an accidental fire get out of control. If your fire extinguisher doesn’t do the trick, you need a plan to get out. You should practice the escape plan with your family at least a couple times before you start using your fireplace. It might seem silly, but you can make it fun too.

Decorate with Care

The good thing about most mantles is that there’s generally a fair distance between the mantle and the fireplace opening. This alone creates a nice buffer between any holiday decorations and the fire. Putting decorations like nutcrackers or snow scenes on top of your mantle is generally find if you can be sure no pieces are likely to fall off. The problem emerges when you hang stockings.

Stockings are an essential part of the holiday people are slow to give up, and luckily you don’t have to. You just need to make sure that they hang high enough to where they’re away from the fire. Always secure a screen in front of the fire when you light it. The screen needs to cover the entire opening and not just wrap around the general area because stockings can still fall behind a loose screen.

Other Holiday Fire Tips

During the holiday season, there’s a surprisingly large amount of flammable items around your home. Your Christmas tree is especially flammable if it’s real. Most artificial trees are fire resistant, and you can always double check the packaging for confirmation. Set up your tree at least three feet away from the fireplace no matter how good it looks standing closer.

Make sure you never use your fireplace to dispose of garbage. Most wrapping paper contains additives that are extremely reactive and will burn at very high temperatures. This isn’t safe for your fireplace and can cause serious problems. Make your holiday memorable with Emberside where you’ll find more tips on holiday fireplace safety and maintenance as well as accessories and sets that can make any room more inviting.