How Do Gas Fireplace Glowing Embers Work?

While someone might think that they are missing out on the most notable characteristics of a fire when they switch to a gas log set, there are actually plenty of solutions that duplicate these effects. One of the most effective of these measures are gas fireplace glowing embers, which add the timeless charm of glowing embers with none of the soot, smell or mess.

There are many different types of glowing ember products available, some of which offer additional benefits beyond mimicking the appearance of a wood fire. Learn more about these simulated fireplace ember products and how they can lend a sense of charm and coziness to your fire by reading on.

What Are Gas Fireplace Glowing Embers Made From?

Gas fireplace glowing embers are made of mineral materials that allow for heat distribution and expansion but never get completely burnt up. Many of these products are derived from vermiculite, a material that expands when it is subjected to high heat in a process known as exfoliation. Once the mineral has expanded, it can readily absorb and shield from heat, helping energy sources like gas burners distribute heat evenly throughout the apparatus as well as radiating it outward into the room.

Other glowing ember products may be made of a material known as rockwool. Rockwool is made of actual lava rocks, or basalt, combined with simple calcium carbonate, or chalk. To manufacture rockwool, the volcanic rocks are heated to 1600 °C, causing them to melt. The newly formed lava is then blown into a much cooler spinning chamber, causing the material rapidly cool and stick as strands, similar in texture to cotton candy. These fibers are then compressed into a mat, creating a raw material for various products.

Products made from rockwool include fireplace insulation, simulated glowing ember products and plant potting media. In fact, rockwool is a very beneficial product to the hydroponic industry because it absorbs water but never breaks down or reacts chemically.

Another type of ember product is the Platinum Bright Ember, which actually helps burn gases when placed directly over burning elements, making gas fireplaces warmer and more efficient. However, unlike most other glowing ember products, these must be periodically replaced and only work with certain vented gas fireplace models.

How Do Glowing Embers Work?

Glowing embers help evenly distribute the flames of your gas burners, giving off a more consistent flame and a glow that looks identical to actual embers, letting you enjoy the sensations of a wood fire with none of the mess.

Using your glowing embers is as simple as arranging them in a natural way around the base of your gas log set and within the burner element tray. You can periodically readjust, replenish or replace these embers throughout the lifespan of your gas log fireplace system.

Embers can be removed during cleaning of the gas fireplace unit and then returned to their original position. If your glowing embers become dirty over time, you can order a replacement set of glowing embers cheaply. Note that a set of glowing embers comes free with all vented gas log sets.