How Glowing Embers Can Rekindle Your Gas Fireplace

fireplace in living room

Every homeowner wants a fireplace. It’s one of the top features that new home buyers and current homeowners look for in their home. A fireplace adds a sense of home, class, ambiance and comfort to your house that nothing else can beat. For many who don’t have the ability to install a traditional fireplace, a gas fireplace is the perfect substitute.

Of course, with a gas log fireplace you still want realistically glowing embers. What can you do to keep them glowing every time, and to refresh them when they start to dim? Learn how to keep those glowing embers for a gas fireplace, give whole new life to your gas log inserts, and bring a new level of warmth to your home and hearth.

Regular Maintenance Matters

The first thing to understand is that just like any appliance, your gas fireplace needs regular routine maintenance. It should be checked and serviced every year by a certified technician. It’s best to do this in the summer or early months of the fall, before the season gets going. This will ensure you’re not lost in the press of the busy time for techs.

Your fireplace will be checked over for pilot operation, valve pressure, heat exchange, log positions, electrical connections and more. A gas sniffer is used to check for leaks. The fire box will be cleaned, and the interior repainted if needed. The fireplace will then run for 20 or 30 minutes to burn off extra paint and ensure everything is working as it should.

Maintaining Glowing Embers for Gas Fireplaces

The logs and embers in your fireplace are designed to last indefinitely. However, after a year or two, they might begin to lose some of their brightness. At this time they can be replaced or freshened up with new embers. These are non-toxic and non-combustible, made from inert minerals, so you can handle them without fear.

When choosing embers, go for thinner and finer ones, which will provide a more authentic glow. You can even find ones that glow in different colors like green, blue or purple for a truly authentic look. Your logs, as well, can be replaced or enhanced with more authentic choices. You can keep them up and make them last a lifetime by brushing and cleaning them annually to remove built-up dust and dirt.

Other Add-Ons

There are also other add-ons that you can use to upgrade the look, feel, sound and even smell of your fireplace. You can install surrounds to make the interior of your fireplace look however you like. You can add electric crackler which makes the fireplace sound like cracking logs as it burns. Scent burner discs are inexpensive and give you the same aroma you get from a woodburning fire.

Talk to the Professionals

If you’d like help or advice maintaining or upgrading your gas log fireplace, Emberside is here to help. Check out some more inspiration and get in touch with us for more information today!