How to Find the Best Gas Logs for Existing Fireplaces

   best gas logs for existing fireplaces 

If you are looking for gas logs to spruce up your existing fireplace, you need to consider several factors to choose the best gas logs for your unit.

You may have the type of fuel you want to use in mind already. If not, you can decide if you prefer propane or natural gas in your home. Two types of gas log sets are available, ventless and vented, both of which are propane and natural gas friendly.

The difference between the two types of gas log sets is that the vented logs must be used in a fireplace with a chimney, and the ventless can be used in a conventional fireplace with a chimney or an enclosed, ready-made fireplace that does not have a chimney.

Safe Choices

Choosing the right gas valve may seem confusing. Your three options are a manual on/off switch (cannot use with propane), a manual safety pilot and a millivolt safety valve that can turn your unit off with a remote or wall switch. Ventless logs come equipped with safety pilots, and with vented logs, safety pilots are optional but highly recommended.

All Gas Logs Do Not Look Alike

At first glance, especially when making an online search for the best gas logs for existing fireplaces, it may seem that all gas logs look similar, if not exactly alike. Looks can be very deceiving when it comes to gas logs. Upon a closer look, you will find that the top gas logs look so real that a guest in your home may not realize the logs are not real wood. Some gas log sets look too artificial, with the wrong paint and a withering, burned look.

Size matters in finding the best gas logs as well. Be sure to check the dimensions of your existing fireplace and get the dimensions of the gas logs. Your space will look extremely awkward if you have a massive fireplace swallowing your logs because the set you chose is too small, and just as strange, if your gas log set is too big for your unit.

Warmth or Ambiance

Fireplaces exude an ambiance that draws attention to any space. The allure of the flame and the pure style of fireplaces is desired for the sole purpose of accenting an area of a room. If this case applies to you, a vented gas log set works well, as they don’t produce a lot of heat, but they have a considerable flame.

If you want and need the aura and warmth from the gas logs, then the ventless set is the winning choice for you.

Let us Lend a Hand

Our team at Emberside is ready to lend a helpful hand to walk you through the steps of finding the best gas logs for existing fireplaces for owners like yourself. We look forward to hearing from you and to providing knowledgeable and excellent advice for your home.