How to Keep Your Outdoor Fireplace Clean Throughout the Summer

An outdoor fireplace can provide the perfect anchor for summertime afternoons and evenings spent outside. Keeping this outdoor fireplace clean can be easy, too, as long as you follow these simple tips:

Where To Place Your Outdoor Fireplace

The two biggest sources of dirt and grime on your outdoor fireplace will come from sediments that accumulate during the rain and debris dropping from overhanging trees. Birds in particular are a nuisance, so ensure that there are no perch-ready areas nearby your outdoor fireplace for them to congregate upon.

Trim back tree branches that get too close to the area overhead your fireplace to reduce the amount of cleaning your will need overall. If your fireplace frequently gets sludged with runoff from the rain, consider digging out a drain hole nearby, filling it with a drain pipe and covering it with a long-lasting plastic drain cover.

Lightly Brush Your Outdoor Fireplace Regularly

Around once a week, you can brush off the exterior of your outdoor fireplace using a medium stiffness brush with plastic or straw bristles to clear off dust and debris. Use brisk back and forth motions to brush away dust, and make sure to focus on grout lines if your outdoor fireplace is made from masonry.

Inspect Your Gas Outdoor Fireplace Lines

One of the biggest causes of sooting and debris inside your gas fireplace is from gas lines and regulator not working as intended. At least once a season, dismantle your gas outdoor fireplace to inspect its burner elements, pilot lights and gas lines to ensure there is no obstruction or damage.

Make sure you completely shut off the gas lines at their source before dismantling anything, though. Also, be sure to safely relight the pilot light once you turn the gas lines back on.

Spray Down Your Outdoor Fireplace

Around once every four to six weeks, you can give the exterior of your outdoor fireplace a more serious cleaning using a diluted soap solution. Purchase an empty spray bottle, and fill it with water and a couple drops of dish soap. You can also include lemon peel to enhance the solution’s ability to break up tough dirt and grime.

Spray the outdoor fireplace from top to bottom with this solution until the entire surface is dampened. Wait just a few minutes — but not enough for the solution to dry — and then wipe the surface thoroughly with a damp cloth.

Use an Outdoor Fireplace Cover

If you want to greatly reduce the amount of times you have to clean your unit, simply purchase an outdoor gas fireplace cover for it. This cover can protect it from all of the elements, especially when your fireplace is taking a break for a few months at a time. Water damage from rain, snow, and ice can be prevented as well, extending the life of your gas outdoor fireplace significantly.

With these tips in mind, you can easily keep your fireplace clean all summer! If you are looking for an easy-to-use and fairly portable replacement unit, you can also look at the gas outdoor fireplaces we offer.