How to Properly Maintain Your Gas Log Fireplace

One of the appeals of gas log fireplaces is the relatively low amount of maintenance and cleaning that they require. You don’t have to go to the trouble of hauling wood logs into your home or sweeping away all of their residual ash. Gas fireplaces do require a certain amount of basic care though since, like any appliance, they do undergo eventual wear and tear. In order to get the most warmth and enjoyment out of your fireplace, here are a few tips to properly maintain your gas log fireplace.

Maintain Your Gas Log Fireplace by Keeping it Clean

Once a month, take the time to inspect and clean your gas log fireplace. Make sure that the burner has been off long enough that the logs are not hot when you touch them. Gently clean your logs with a duster or soft- bristled brush to remove any dust, dirt or webs that are unsightly and could catch fire. Check the inside of your fireplace for any buildup as well that you may need to brush away.

While you’re at it, wipe the inside and outside of your fireplace glass doors. Glass becomes cloudy over time if you don’t clean it, and this cloudiness can remain a permanent feature of your glass. Wipe them down monthly to ensure that you get the most beauty and pleasure out of your fireplace.

Don’t Forget Your Chimney and Vent

Your chimney and outside vent are also major components of your fireplace, and keeping them clean greatly increases its safety and efficiency. Make sure your chimney stays clean and doesn’t have debris and soot buildup that could cause a fire. Check the outside vent for damages, leaves or nests. Gently remove the debris, and contact a professional is the vent is damaged.

Check Your Fireplace for Cracks or Leaks

During your monthly cleanings, inspect your gasket for any missing pieces or cracks. Check your valves, gas line and burner as well for leaks or breaks. Any wear and tear to your fireplace reduces its efficiency, leaving you with cold toes even after you pay your energy and gas bills. Damage to these parts can also cause excess soot and carbon monoxide leaks, so if you notice any potential issues, consult a professional immediately.

Hire a Professional for Annual Inspections

Along with your own monthly inspections, hire a certified professional installer to come perform an annual inspection in order to best maintain your gas log fireplace. They should check your valves, gas lines, connections and safety pilot to make sure they are all in good working order. In order to ensure sufficient ventilation, they should also look over your chimney and clean out flammable soot buildup. Remember that keeping your fireplace in tip-top shape keeps you and your household safer and warmer all year long.

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