Must-Have Fireplace Accessories

When you have a fireplace, you already know the benefits it can offer you. The warm and cozy feeling a fireplace can instill on any room or outdoor area is incredible, but you can enhance it even more with the following must-have fireplace accessories. Adding that little extra something to your fireplace can be the difference between the standard fireplace included in many homes and a truly remarkable fireplace that everyone who sees it will remember.

Emberside is excited to offer numerous must-have fireplace accessories that any fireplace owner can enjoy. Learn more about Emberside’s fireplace accessories and how they can make your fireplace unforgettable and even multi-functional.

1. Glowing Embers

If you really want to emphasize the ambiance your fireplace can provide, glowing embers can add the extra glow you need. When you buy vented gas log sets from Emberside, glowing embers are included, but additional glowing embers can make your hearth glow like never before.

2. Lava Rock

One you have the basic functionality of your fireplace secure, you can focus on the image. A fireplace in itself can make any room feel more welcoming, but if you want a more rustic appeal, consider adding lava rocks. Every gas log set from Emberside includes lava rocks, but you can use extras to line the fireplace floor, the surrounding area and even to cover up some exposed inner workings.

3. Outdoor Fireplace Cover

An outdoor fireplace can be the most important addition to any backyard area as they create a beautiful and cozy atmosphere than you can enjoy with fresh air and a starry night. However, natural wear and tear from intense sun, heavy rain, inches of snow and more can damage your outdoor fireplace. You can keep your outdoor fireplace protected with a vinyl-insulated fireplace cover. The cover offered by Emberside is waterproof and zips shut making it easy to use.

4. Pizza Oven Accessories

Who says that your fireplace can only be pretty and warming? Enjoy a little extra functionality with Emberside’s pizza oven insert and pizza stone. The insert is a stainless steel grate which you can fit inside your fireplace at three different heights to cater to your specific taste. Make sure you get the ceramic pizza stone that fits perfectly on the insert. It even includes a pizza cutter and wire serving rack. With these must-have fireplace accessories, you can make pizza over a wood-burning fire anytime you want.

Get More Fireplace Accessories at Emberside

For all the must-have fireplace accessories, look no further than Emberside in the Bowling Green area. With a beautiful fireplace enhanced with incredible accessories, you will have a centerpiece like no other that few guests will be able to forget. Enjoy the extra glow of glowing embers or the delicious taste of fresh pizza cooked over a wood burning fire.

If you’re thinking of getting some must-have fireplace accessories or looking to get a fireplace to begin with, don’t hesitate to contact Emberside. Schedule your appointment or just order from our online inventory to enhance your fireplace today!