Outdoor Fireplace Cooking: 7 Shish Kebab Recipes to Try From Around the World

Build an outdoor fireplace, and you have just brought the cozy tradition of the hearth outside. And what better, easier way to take advantage of those hot flames than to pop a grilling rack on and grill some juicy chunks of meat alongside some savory veggies?

In fact, it was very likely communal outdoor fires that originally inspired humans to roast meat in this way. Legend has it that Turkish armies were the first to popularize and spread the cooking technique. Soldiers on campaign would skewer game they had caught on their curved swords, creating an impromptu rotisseries perfect for sizzling fatty pieces of meat until they are crispy and tender. They would then share the meats as they traded stories around the fire’s glow.

While the Turks might have invented shish kebabs, everyone has a different idea of what constitutes a perfect kebab, because each culture has their own unique versions. So, to make your summer fun, incredible, and delicious, try these shish kebab recipes from around the world when planning some outdoor fireplace cooking:

Chipotle Lime Chicken Fajita Shish Kebabs

This Southwest-influenced recipe from Whitney Bond is simple, cheap, low in fat and absolutely packed with flavor. Just a few seasonings is all it takes to create an incredible marinade. Even better, as the edges of the chicken get crispy, they complement the flavor of the crunchy veggies skewered next to them.

You can also prep these skewers for up to an hour before grilling and keep them refrigerated. When you are ready to start sizzling, you can have each batch grilled to perfection in just five to seven minutes!

Get the recipe for lime chicken fajita skewers here.

Pork and Pineapple Kebab Recipe

When the Polynesian people settled the Hawaiian islands, they brought with them small, fatty domestic pigs that could be raised for a reliable year-round food source. Fast forward nearly 1000 years, and industrial pineapple farmers had begun to revolutionize the economy of the Hawaiian islands.

Combine those two tasty morsels together, and you have a sweet, tangy, salty island treat perfectly suited for kebabs. Transport yourself to the tropics with this simple pork and pineapple kebab recipe here.

Jerk Chicken Plantain Kebabs

Another set of islands on the other side of North America was the setting for an explosive combination of culinary traditions that has lead to the “jerk” style of cooking. This jerk plantain shish kebab recipe combines the best of these African influences by pairing flavorful jerk seasoning with sweet, starchy plantains.

Smoked Paprika Shrimp Kebabs

One whiff of these Cajun-style blackened shrimp skewers and we gar-on-tee that your mouth will start watering. You can even add a touch of cayenne to kick it up a notch. Bam!

Balsamic-Glazed Veggie Kebabs

The best part about kebabs is that veggie lovers can inspire some serious envy in meat eaters. This balsamic-glazed veggie kebab recipe creates crispy veggies roasted to perfection and glazed in a tangy marinade. However, we would like to point out that this recipe is sorely missing some portobella mushrooms, so feel free to add you own veggie favorites to suit your palate.

Beer and Sriracha Marinade Beef Kebabs

There is nothing subtle about this powerful beer and sriracha marinade beef kebab recipe, and that’s just fine with us! Juicy flank steak and spicy, smoky flavors will make it a surefire hit at your next summer outdoor party.


The Japanese have elevated grilled skewered meats to a fine art. Known in Japan as “yakitori,” grilled chicken skewers are a popular street food, and the Japanese have restaurants known as “yakitori-ya” solely dedicated to serving delectable yakitori alongside cold beer.

Create your own yakitori-ya at home using the sweet, savory “tare” marinade and delicious, juicy chicken thighs recommended in this chicken and scallion yakitori recipe.

Living the Relaxing Summer Life With an Outdoor Fireplace and These Shish Kebab Recipes

These recipes are just the start of the fun and creativity you can stir up with a professional outdoor fireplace installation from Emberside. Start whipping up those marinades, and make sure to have your outdoor living area ready in time for the gorgeous weather ahead.