Simple Decorating Tips For Your Holiday Party

Decorating for the holidays shouldn’t cost you a fortune, or your sanity. Rather, it should be an enjoyable, and even relaxing, activity to help get you, your friends and your family in the right spirits. Save time and money this season by making unique decorations out of items already in your home. Take a look at these simple holiday decorating tips to make your parties this year merry and memorable.

Enjoyable Edibles

Many of the best things in life can be eaten, and that goes for decorations too. Keeping plates of fresh cookies out on the dining room table or kitchen island are a tasty reminder of this joyful time of year. Jars and bowls of candy set on the fireplace mantel and on side tables are another cute, subtle tribute to the holiday cheer. Leave out small baggies near your edible arrangements so that your guests can even stow away treats for the ride home.

Some Decorations Are Not What They Seem

Just because you have decorations labeled as “ornaments” doesn’t mean that you can only use them to decorate the tree. Compliment your dining set by using ribboned ornaments as napkin holders, and your guests will be in awe of your ingenuity. Try using the nicer ornaments uniformly at the adult’s table, and use varied, fun ornaments at the children’s table.

Department stores, doctor’s offices and other locations use beautifully wrapped faux presents as festive additions to their other decor. But why should you place empty boxes around your home when you can use real presents? Get your gifts early, wrap them in classic holiday colors like blue and white, green and red or silver and white and display them as classy accents throughout your home. This not only looks lovely, but it keeps anticipation and the gift-giving spirit high all season long.

Put Those Unused Project Materials To Use

Everyone has that drawer or that box of unused scraps and odds and ends that are leftover from a previous project or school assignment. Random bits and pieces of fabric and ribbon, half-empty containers of glitter and sequins and a seemingly never ending supply of colorful tacs. Well, this year is the perfect time for you to put a dent in these items.

Pillar candles of varying heights and circumferences are a classic holiday decoration. Liven them up a bit this year by wrapping ribbons around the base of the pillars. Simply hot-glue the ends together, or fasten them with a flashy tac. Gather up some old mason jars, empty canning cars or any clear containers and fill them with glitter, sequins and maybe an ornament or two. These can create quaint homemade display pieces for your fireplace mantle that your guests won’t believe came from your scrap piles. See, you knew you could use all this for something one day, didn’t you?

Holiday Decorating Tips For The Entire Home

We immediately think to decorate major living spaces like stairways, living rooms and dining rooms. But don’t forget about the other important spaces in the home that guests see such as the bathroom. The holiday cheer doesn’t have to end once they shut that door.

Display a bowl, a miniature sleigh or even a small fabric bag on a bathroom shelf, and fill it with items from the outdoors like pine-cones, acorns and pine leaves. It serves as both a woodsy display and a natural potpourri, filling your bathroom with the smells of the wintry outdoors.

Let Emberside Help You Decorate Your Fireside

No home is complete without a cozy fireplace hearth, especially during the colder winter months. Get the most out of these holiday decorating tips by creating a personalized fireplace display, and don’t forget to contact Emberside for any of your fireplace needs.