Spring Cleaning Your Gas Log Fireplace and Outdoor Fireplace

March is here, which means spring is just around the corner. Since you will likely be using your indoor gas log fireplace less at this time — and possibly using your outdoor fireplace more — now is the perfect time to get some spring cleaning in.

Luckily for owners of a gas log fireplace, spring cleaning will be simple compared to a typical wood-burning fireplace. Outdoor fireplace owners may have a tiny bit more work to remove the typical dust and debris that comes from being outside, but one can still be completely cleaned and looking great in a short amount of time.

So get both your indoor and outdoor gas fireplaces in amazing shape for the new seasons ahead using these gas fireplace cleaning tips:

Make Sure Everything Is Cool Before Cleaning

Your first order of business is to not even think about cleaning your fireplace if you have used it recently. Stone, metal and masonwork get very hot while a fireplace is burning, and they can take several hours to cool down. So, for safety’s sake, wait at least four to six hours since you last used your gas fireplace before you begin to clean.

Have Your Gas Lines, Valves, Vents Inspected Regularly

If your gas lines, assembly, valves or your home’s ventilation are not working properly, you can encounter some serious dangers. Carbon monoxide, gas leaks, explosions, fumes and more can result.

To prevent these safety issues, make sure to completely shut off the gas supply valve from time to time and smell for gas. You can also consult your gas fireplace owner’s manual for safety information and advice on how to inspect your unit. Look for loose couplings, improperly arranged parts like fallen simulated logs and other possible issues.

Around once a year, you should also have a gas supply professional inspect these elements to ensure they are working in peak order.

If You’re Going to Disassemble Your Gas Log Fireplace, Reassemble the Right Way

The best way to completely and thoroughly clean out your gas fireplace is to remove all loose parts that can get in the way, like simulated logs, and then sweep around where they were. You can then get out a vacuum with attachments to get into the small crevices.

However, if you are going to take this approach, make sure to keep track of all loose parts that you take out. You should also consult your gas fireplace product manual to ensure that everything gets reassembled the right way. Your simulated logs in particular must be assembled in a certain way, for instance, to prevent ashing, soot and even carbon monoxide from resulting.

Also, never submerge any component of your gas log fireplace in water, including the simulated logs, since this can also create unwanted smoking and fumes.

Use Gas Fireplace Glass Cleaner to Remove White Residue

Gas fireplaces do not produce soot like wood-burning ones do, but fireplaces covered by glass can develop a white, hazy residue on the inside of the glass. This residue comes from chlorides that bond with humidity in the air and then stick to the glass.

While this condensation often goes away when you turn your fireplace back on, it can eventually build up. The only way to effectively remove it is with a specialized gas fireplace glass cleaner that can break up the chlorides. Look for products specially designed for gas fireplaces like White Off Glass Cleaner for best results.

Spare Your Outdoor Fireplace With a Protective Cover

You can spray a mixture of soap, water and vinegar on the stonework of your outdoor fireplace to loosen dirt and then brush it away with a stiff-bristled brush before sweeping around the unit’s base. Or, to save time and effort, you can purchase an outdoor fireplace cover that can keep it protected from rain, dirt, damaging UV rays and the elements in general.

Order Replacement Gas Logs if Your Set Is Old or Too Dirty

Remember that you can always order replacement gas logs if your current set has become faded, damaged or dirty beyond what a quick cleaning can fix. You can look at gas log replacement sets and more when you visit our gas fireplace accessories product listings.