Check out some advice and tips for choosing the best gas fireplace that will complement the style and design of your room, and be a great home addition.

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Fireplace Mantel Design Tips

A fireplace is part of the American dream. It’s that one element of the home that really makes everything feel right and proper. There’s a good reason why the phrase “hearth and home” exists. Of course, part of that fireplace is often a mantel, and you don’t want it to just be plain and ordinary — you want it to show off your sense of style, taste and aesthetics. With that in mind, here are some great fireplace mantel design tips, so your hearth can be a focal point for everything that you are and everything your home is.

Seasonal Fireplace Design Tips

Nobody wants their home to be boring or stagnant, and your mantel offers a great opportunity to change things up and keep everything fresh four times a year, if not more often. Put up harvest decoration in the fall, holiday-themed décor in the winter, beautiful floral arrangements in the spring and bright pastels in the summer. Alternately, decorate for whatever celebration is just around the corner, from birthdays to baby showers, and be sure to give it a bit of flavor that’s uniquely you!

Artistic Mantel Design Tips

Of course, just because a mantel is shelf-like doesn’t mean you have to clutter it with kitsch. Some of the best artistic mantel design tips involve artwork on the wall! Grab some old maps, expansive landscape views, abstract art or whatever kind of artwork excites you, and hang it up. Your mantel is the focal point of your room and having eye-catching art there is a great idea to further enhance it.

Leatherbound Books

If your mantel is high enough above your fireplace, try picking up some beautiful leather bound books and setting them up with decorative bookends. You’d be amazed at how inexpensive these are to pick up these days, and they add an element of class to your room.

If you’re concerned about the heat, talk to your fireplace installation company — it is always smart to stay vigilant. Yet, most mantels are plenty high enough above the fireplace to protect your valuables from the heat. Paper burns at 451-degrees Fahrenheit, and displaying a book like Fahrenheit 451 can be a fun inside wink to that!

Models and Sculpture

Three-dimensional décor is a great idea. Whether it’s a ship in a bottle, a model of a classic car or WWII fighters, or decorative candelabras and sculptures, these are great pieces of design that will brighten up your mantelpiece and keep your home feeling fun, whimsical and welcoming.

Change up the Paint

If you don’t have anything you want to put on the mantel, try painting the walls around it in a contrasting color, like staining the mantel a dark wood with white walls around. It’ll create an outstanding and striking look for the room, complemented perfectly by the roar of the fire!

Emberside Heart and Home Inspiration

If you’re looking for some more great fireplace design tips, or would like to have a new fireplace of your own, Emberside can help. Check out our hearth and home inspiration page, and get in touch with us for more information or with any questions today!

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