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The Benefits of Using Gas Log Sets to Heat Your Home

Having a fireplace in your home really is part of the American Dream. It’s something that many people feel really completes their house, makes it not only whole but feel welcoming and like home, especially during the cold months of the year. The question arises, however, what kind of fireplace to choose?

There are the traditional wood-burning units, electric fireplaces, ventless gas fireplaces and gas log sets. For those with chimneys, there are a lot of benefits to actually choosing a gas log set; it can be a versatile, economical and safe way to give you the best of all worlds. Read the benefits of gas log fireplaces as a means to heat your home this fall and winter, and where to get the best gas log units and service.

Benefits of Gas Log Fireplaces

Most gas log units are actually installed in your regular chimney-based fireplace. It’s a modern upgrade to the traditional wood fireplace which allows the best of all worlds. There are a number of benefits that go along with gas log sets, including ease of use, versatility, and safety.

Ease of Use

Gas log fireplaces are really easy to use. They are, in fact, as easy as an electric space heater in your home. They’ve got a long life, they don’t fall apart or get burned through like wood logs do. All you have to do to light a gas log unit is flip a switch either on the unit itself or using a remote control.

Some units have blowers that will circulate heat efficiently throughout the room, and some even have thermostats to automatically kick on and off like a furnace when the room hits a certain temperature. They run either on a natural gas line in your house or from a propane tank you set up.


Many gas log units that are installed in a traditional fireplace can be easily removed to also allow you to burn wood logs as well. This gives you the versatility of that traditional scent of burning wood and the crackle of flames over real logs.

Realistic Appearance

Technology has come a very long way since the first gas fireplaces. These days, a gas fireplace has a stunning resemblance to a real fire. Your gas logs will look just like real logs, they’ll heat up and turn red and even could have a realistic charred appearance. The fire will be orange, not blue, and at a glance, it’ll look exactly like a wood-burning fire.

The upside to all this, of course, is that you get zero smoke from a gas fireplace. That means no concerns about the smell of smoke getting into everything in your home, burning your eyes and causing discomfort. It’s clean-burning and doesn’t cause creosote buildup.

These are just a few of the advantages of a gas log fireplace. If you’ve got any questions or would like more information about the benefits of gas log fireplaces, call Emberside for help or to schedule an appointment in the Bowling Green area today!

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If it is your first time buying a fireplace, things can get seem overwhelming. You have to figure out where you want the fireplace located, what type of fuel to power it, and then what type of style you want it to be in--when all you are genuinely ready for is a comfortable space to warm up and make cozy. Let Emberside be your fireplace buyer's guide! The colder temperatures are just around the corner, so it is the perfect time to get your new fireplace ready for the seasons ahead.  


Location is critical for your new fireplace. You want to place your fireplace somewhere that will maximize your comfort while minimizing any disruptions. Indoor locations, like the living room or den, are always welcoming to family and friends alike. Adding a fireplace to the master bedroom can also bring a much-needed touch of comfort to your evenings.

Outdoor areas are great for fireplaces as well, set up on the back deck or patio. However, there are safety measures to follow if you decide to place your new fireplace outside: building on a solid foundation, avoiding grass, and checking with your local ordinances about outdoor fires, to name a few. The relaxation an outdoor fireplace will bring, though, is more than enough to make up for taking the necessary precautions.

Wherever you choose, the location for your new fireplace should be right for you, your family, and your home space. Indoor and outdoor fireplaces are both excellent choices to consider, but keep in mind your fuel source. Indoor fireplaces can be gas, wood, or electric fireplaces, while outdoor fireplaces can only be gas or wood.


What powers your new fireplace may not seem nearly as crucial as powering it up to begin with. It is important to not get too comfortable yet when different fuel sources provide different benefits. For instance, the traditional idea of a wood-burning fireplace appears romantic, but with today's modern conveniences, having to separately purchase wood or split a log yourself to replenish your fireplace can be more of a hassle than an enjoyment. A wood fireplace also puts more pollution into the air.

Electric fireplaces are safer for the environment, using little energy and releasing no pollution into the air. You also do not have to concern yourself with location nearly as much with electric fireplaces, as they do not require a chimney and can be placed anywhere in the house. However, electric fireplaces go too far the opposite direction of wood fireplaces, in that the flame is inauthentic and can struggle to release heat.

For a happy medium between wood and electric fireplaces, a gas-powered fireplace is your ideal choice. Gas fireplaces are clean and efficient with energy, and they provide a more natural ambiance with a burner hidden behind ceramic logs and real fire that emits genuine heat. There is no mess, no fuss, and all comfort, right at your fingertips.


With Emberside as your guide, the style of your new fireplace is simple. You can go with a more classic look with our American Valley gas logs or bask in a modern glow with our Royal Oak log set. You can even accessorize with glowing embers to give your bedroom fireplace a romantic feel or become a pizza master with a pizza stone and oven insert for your new kitchen fireplace.

Your new fireplace is going to make your home more comfortable, and your home is certainly going to help your new fireplace fit in. What else is there to worry about? For more information or to schedule an appointment, contact Emberside today and get started on your first fireplace.