Why Choose Vented Gas Logs

Gas log fireplaces are quickly becoming the most popular type of fireplace in the country. They are easier to maintain and safer to operate than standard wood burning fireplaces, but still require clean functional chimneys to work. When you’re choosing a gas log set for your fireplace, the primary choice you’ll have to make is between vented and vent-free gas logs.

Vented gas logs require a fully open damper, allowing most of the heat to escape through the chimney. Vent-free gas logs don’t use a damper and keep most of the heat in the room of the fireplace. However, there are still several reasons why choosing vented gas logs over vent-free gas logs is a smart decision. Learn why you should consider choosing vented gas logs over vent-free gas logs, and where you can go for all of your fireplace maintenance and accessory needs.


The most obvious benefit of vented gas logs is their realistic appearance. Vented logs are placed as if they were real wooden logs without any strategic positioning for functionality. Vent-free gas logs have to be placed a certain way in order to maximize burner efficiency, so they can look quite odd.

The flames of vented gas logs also look more realistic. They can engulf the logs with ease and extend upwards much farther than vent-free gas log flames. With vent-free logs, the flames can’t even touch the logs and can only extend upwards a short way above the logs. To some, a lit vent-free fireplace may look like it’s about to go out even when it’s functioning just fine. Vented logs leave no doubt as the fire burns big and bright. For ambiance, vented gas logs are the clear choice.

Legal Issues

Some places give you no choice but to use vented gas logs. Vent-free logs are illegal in the entire state of California as well as several other cities and municipalities across the country. Other regulations can apply to the amount of British Thermal Units of heating power your fireplace outputs based on the cubic feet of space you have.

Vented gas logs don’t have any similar problems, so if you don’t feel like pouring through legal requirements, choosing vented gas logs will save you a lot of trouble. A lot of the heat from vented logs goes straight up the chimney, so all you need to worry about is whether or not your chimney reaches high enough for your area.


Another benefit of vented gas logs is how convenient they are. If you’re trying to convert a wood burning fireplace into a gas log fireplace, vented gas logs are much easier to deal with since specific placement of logs isn’t necessary. You also won’t have to install a carbon dioxide detector or oxygen depletion system since the harmful gases created go right up the chimney.

Since vent-free logs don’t have an open chimney or another way for gases to escape, they will build up in the room. That’s why vent-free log systems require a sensor to shut off the fireplace should the oxygen levels get low enough. These parts can be a lot to keep up with and by the time you realize the sensor isn’t working, the oxygen levels could already be dangerously low in the room.

Vented Gas Logs from Emberside

If you’re thinking about upgrading to vented gas logs in the Bowling Green area, Emberside can handle everything you need. With the large selection of gas log arrangements available, you’re sure to find the best setup for your fireplace. Contact Emberside online or call to schedule your appointment for a consultation, and learn more about why you should choose vented gas logs, today!