Why Homebuyers (and Sellers) Love Fireplaces

Why Homebuyers (and Sellers) Love Fireplaces

Nothing quite says winter warmth like the cozy crackle of a fire. Gathering around a fireplace has been a favorite family pastime for centuries. A fireplace is more than a source of heat for a house, though. It is an added perk for homebuyers and a bonus for sellers. Nothing says winter family time quite like a fire. Read why homebuyers (and sellers) love fireplaces.

Major Homey Appeal

Even if a fireplace is not a must-have, the sight of one brings a smile to buyer's faces. Many people grew up with a fireplace in their childhood home. Memories of sipping hot cocoa by the fire invokes fond nostalgia. Couples with children or who are planning to start a family can easily picture themselves near the fireplace in their new home.

A fireplace ranks in the top most desired home features, according to the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB). In fact, it's in the top five along with granite countertops and wooden floors. The preference spans all age groups from Millennials to Baby Boomers, regardless of income. “Fireplace” is synonymous with home.  

Increased Sale Value

Fireplaces offer an alternative to central electric heat during cold winter months. Buyers enjoy this type of flexibility when shopping for homes. A welcoming gas or wood fireplace also adds beauty and charm to a room.  Potential buyers imagine saving money and reducing utility use while having a place to display holiday cards and other treasures.

A house with a fireplace can include this feature in the listing amenities, which means a higher asking price. The demand is so high, in fact, that according to the National Center for Real Estate Research, a fireplace adds nearly 12 percent to the value of the home. That's a significant bonus to any house on the market. Whether it's in the suburbs or in the countryside, fireplaces are worth thousands.

An Outdoor Haven

When most people think fireplace, they think living room or den. But outdoor fireplaces are becoming more common, and they offer their own set of plusses. An outdoor gathering place that provides fellowship and warmth is a welcome change to staying indoors all winter. Perfect for parties or star gazing, outdoor fireplaces provide new possibilities.

Outdoor fireplaces, once a novelty, are becoming increasingly popular. As more people opt to stay home and make their own entertainment, outdoor social areas fit the bill. Decks and patios provide an extension of living space without major costs. Upkeep is typically easy as well, with yearly fireplace checks and cleanings making outdoor fireplace care simple.

Bring the Fire Home

Imagine sitting with your loved ones in front of a crackling fire, drinking hot cider or cocoa after a fun family snowball fight. With all the reasons why homebuyers (and sellers) love fireplaces, there's never been a better time to add or update one in your home. Whether you're longing for an outdoor fireplace or you want to upgrade your current gas logs, we can help. Contact Emberside today.