Why You Should Buy Gas Logs

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Everyone enjoys sitting in front of a fire, and fireplaces give your home warmth and ambiance that regular heating systems just can’t match. Traditional wood logs can be a hassle, however, when you have to constantly interrupt this atmosphere to toss more wood on the fire, not to mention the clean up afterward.

Gas logs are a great alternative to natural wood logs for several reasons. Read more about how gas logs can give you the fireside enjoyment you crave with far less maintenance.

Benefits of Gas Logs

Gas logs use a gas burner that’s covered by fake firewood made from cement, ceramic clay, or ceramic fibers. It also has a burner system and a grate. This system fits into an existing wood fireplace as well, so the installation is a snap. But it does require a professional installation and a natural gas or propane source.

Gas logs also burn cleaner and don’t need much maintenance, but it’s still advised to have a professional come in once a year to ensure everything is running smoothly and there are no leaks. If you choose gas logs, you should also invest in a carbon monoxide detector.

Fuel Types

Choosing a gas log set is really simple. You only have to decide between two fuel sources, natural gas and propane, so you select the gas logs that match your source. Beyond that, you’ll just have to decide on what features or look you want your gas log set to have.


Gas logs are available in vented and vent-free. Vented gas logs depend on flue size, which means that they have fewer installation options. Vent-free gas logs are used in a vent-free fireplace, which can be installed anywhere you choose.

Vented gas logs can also lose heat faster, so they should be installed with a glass door for when the logs aren’t in use. Vent-free logs can build up residue and generally require more cleaning, or even a hood to reflect heat.

Choosing between these will depend on these factors, but if you’re considering a direct vent propane fireplace, you can have the best of both. A direct vent propane fireplace has the flexibility of a vent-free system since they can vent through the wall and are easy to install. They also typically include glass doors to hold in heat and boost their efficiency, which makes a huge difference with vented gas logs.


Gas logs can be installed with several easy-ignition options: manual, pilot light, remote-controlled and electronic ignition. The easiest to use is the remote-controlled automatic, which allows you to set the fireplace to turn on and off according to the time of day or temperature.


Gas logs come in many different styles, so you can find one that best suits your décor. Embers, wood-style grates, and sand granules give gas log sets a look that resembles firewood, while different wood looks are available for a more realistic appearance. Birch, pine, walnut, oak, or driftwood are all optional wood textures.

Find Your New Gas Log Set at Emberside

Choosing a gas log set should be fun and exciting. Call or visit Emberside today to discuss your heating needs and find the appropriate gas log set and fireplace for your home!