How To Prepare Your Indoor Fireplace For Fall

install indoor gas fireplace

As the nights get cooler and crisp falling leaves start to blanket the ground, fall is on its way.  There is nothing like gathering around a dancing fire to usher in this magical season taking in the aroma of pumpkin spice and apple cider.  Simply put its one of life’s little pleasures after a hot summer season. 

The start of fall is the perfect time to ensure that your indoor gas fireplace is in good working order for the cold weather seasons ahead.  This maintenance will also ensure that your family, friends, pets and home are safe when using your fireplace.  

  • The first step is to remove any debris, ashes and cobwebs in the fireplace. It is advisable to remove the log grate and clean it off too so that you start off with a clean space.  You can use a vacuum to do this task for easy cleanup.  
  • Check the fireplace vent for any debris like sticks, leaves or even pests that may be blocking it which could be a fire hazard or a carbon monoxide issue. 
  • Your ceramic logs should be wiped clean or dusted so that any excess dust that has collected on them while not in use does not cause any unpleasant odor when you first use them. This is the perfect opportunity to check to see if any of the logs are cracked or broken.  Broken logs will need to be replaced.  Always make sure that the propane gas valve is closed before doing any work on the fireplace.
  • If you have never setup gas logs before then why not watch this video on how to correctly install your gas logs again. 

Inspect and test the pilot light for your fireplace. Any loose wires need to be serviced before use.  It is advisable that your indoor gas fireplace undergoes a yearly maintenance in order to keep it working safely and cost-effectively.  Enjoy warmth and the coziness of your fireplace in the safest way by following these guidelines.  Happy Fall Y’All!