Some Of The Best Rated Gas Fireplace Inserts and Gas Fireplaces of 2019

Every home needs a cool gas fireplace as it will add ambiance and a great look to your home. There are many different gas fireplaces around, each one needing an insert to make it work.

Fireplace inserts are a fireproof box that are surrounded by steel or cast iron and fronted by glass that is insulated. The reason for the casing is to keep heat in so that it can warm up the fireplace very easily. Inserts are normally powered by electricity, gas or propane and they provide an easy way to get your gas fireplace installed. To operate it all you must do is push a button, and that fact is why people like to purchase these items.

What are some of the best rated gas fireplace inserts?

Emberglow 32 in. Vent Free Gas Fireplace Insert

This insert is one of the more affordable ones in the fact that it will not hurt your wallet as much as others in the market. The firebox of this product has a traditional fireplace look and the unit provides almost 100% heat efficiency. You will have to purchase gas logs for this insert and Emberside has some great ones starting at only $149.

Empire Tahoe Deluxe Direct Vent Fireplace

If you are in the market for a direct vent fireplace insert, then look for this product. It is much more expensive then the Emberglow and can cost over a thousand dollars. They are sometimes not easy to find and not fully recommended to purchase since its too expensive compared to others. They only have an efficiency rating of 80% and are very compact units. They start at around $1200.

Vent Free Dual Gas Stove from Emberside

This gas stove is one of the best as it is easy to install and can warm up over 1000 square foot of space easily. It comes with a gas fireplace insert and is 99% energy efficient. The price is way below any competitors and starts around $499 all in. A top seller and great for any space that needs warmth. Order one today here. 


Convertible Vent Free Gas Fireplace with Dual Fuel

If you are searching for a more traditional looking gas fireplace, then this one is for you! This gas fireplace comes with an insert and mantel and is made from a solid wood. It is extremely energy efficient and emits 15000 btu’s per hour. People buy these a lot due to its look and price. They start at $699 and can be purchased here.

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