There is no better way to add ambiance and a rustic elegance to your living space than a fireplace.  Bring friends and family together around one of our fireplaces designed to have the most realistic and natural look of a wood burning fire.  As more people are increasingly mindful of the environment, gas fireplaces have become a popular, eco friendly addition in both new construction and older homes.  Gas fireplaces provide a beautifully designed alternative that is easy to use and less hassle than burning wood in a traditional fireplace.  Homeowners will not only enjoy the visual benefits of the dancing flames, coziness and hands off appeal a gas fireplace will add to their home but will also benefit from the investment it brings by increasing the value of the home and lowering the ever rising costs of heating bills during the cooler months.  Gas fireplaces require very little maintenance and do not have the messy cleanup of soot and ashes allowing you to enjoy quality time in your home with family and friends. We offer vent free fireplaces at great prices which can enhance your living area and bring heat to your place.

When you have decided that you want a gas log fireplace, its important to take into consideration what type of setup you have to accommodate it as you will have to choose between either a ventilated or vent free system.  Both have distinct characteristics, advantages as well as disadvantages.  Emberside is here to help educate you on both options in order for you to make the best possible choice to accommodate your needs and fit into the functionality of your home.  We offer both indoor and outdoor fireplace options so you can enjoy the warmth and atmosphere they bring from anywhere in your home.