Gas Log Accessories

Your gas log set includes lava rock gas log accessories, which gives your fireplace a more rustic appearance and realistic feel.  Adding an extra layer of lava rock around the outside of the logs as a filler to cover any exposed pipes or foundation will enhance the disbursement of the flames helping create a natural look to your fireplace.  
Emberside vented gas log sets are equipped with glowing embers. Glowing embers emulate the embers of a wood burning fire and add that special touch to create a more realistic feeling.  These are great gas log accessories that are cheap and easy to add to your fireplace.
Protect your outdoor fireplace from all the elements with our durable fireplace cover.  These gas log accessories are made from vinyl, this insulated cover is waterproof and will prevent any weather conditions from damaging your fireplace.  This attractive cover has a front zip that makes it easy to use as well as adding a touch of elegance to your outdoors.  
A safety pilot kit is an optional accessory for vented logs that use natural gas.  Safety pilots stop the flow of gas to the burner if regular gas flow is interrupted or if the pilot light goes out.  Natural gas is lighter than air so as long as the chimney flue is open it will escape out of the chimney.  Our safety pilot gas log accessory kits are easy to use and can be turned on by merely turning a knob.
Safety pilot kits are required when using propane gas with your Emberside logs.  A safety pilot light will safeguard that propane gas does not pass through the burner when you are not using the logs.  Our safety pilot kits are easy to use and can be turned on by merely turning a knob.  
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