Gas Logs


Gas Logs are made to add enhancement and warmth to your living area fireplace. For years, Emberside has been the top manufacturer of vented and vent free gas log sets. We have a huge warehouse where we build them from scratch and can deliver them to any state on the USA.

What separates us is that since we are the manufacturer of gas logs, we can offer the lowest prices and free shipping and so you do not have to go through a middle man at all. Our prices start at only $149 which you cannot get anywhere else.

Some of our top sellers are:

What are the benefits of gas logs:

  1. They add warmth to your home and living area
  2. They are great to look at as they burn with awesome colored fires
  3. They don't smell like wood and don't have to be cleaned up after use 
  4. You can install them easily 
  5. Gas Logs can come in different sizes and will last a long time