Vent Free Fireplaces

Vent Free Fireplaces 

Vent free fireplaces brings functionality, ambiance and the beauty of a fireplace that you have always wanted in your home without having to go through the expense and trouble of constructing a chimney and firebox.  They are energy efficient and a low cost option designed to minimize the amount of carbon monoxide emitted making it a safe and beautiful addition to your home. Vent free fireplaces offer you all the heat you need without the smoke as the heat it generates is more contained and doesn’t escape out of the chimney or flue.  

These models operate with natural gas, propane or electricity.  Electric units do require professional installation as they plug into a nearby electrical outlet.  

The flame pattern in a vent free fireplace differ from that of a vented fireplace as the flames filter through posts that separate the flames from the logs.  The blue flame color does not produce that rustic or realistic look and feel of a real wood burning fire.  These fireplaces do not produce ash or air borne debris so no need for any messy cleanup.  They are the perfect eco friendly solution where wood burning fires are prohibited. 

Emberside Vent free fireplaces are capable of emitting a small amount of gas into your home.  With this being said, they can be used safely as the amount of gas released will not cause any hazard for your home or family, as there is a built in sensor that will shut the unit down if oxygen levels become dangerously low where its being used. 

Offering you an excellent and economical way of heating spaces in your home, vent free fireplaces can serve as a secondary heat source with the advantage of installing them into rooms or homes without chimneys. 

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