Vented Gas Logs


If you are looking for the most realistic flame that resembles a wood fire, vented gas logs are your best choice.  These produce tall yellow flames that wrap around the logs creating the natural warmth and ambiance of a real fire.  Vented gas logs need to be installed in a fully operational wood-burning fireplace as these logs do not burn the gas cleanly and generate some exhaust that is very similar to a real wood fire.  Therefore, with these items the chimney vent or flue needs to be open to allow air to escape up the chimney.  The advantage of a vented system is that fires need oxygen to burn.  The chimney allows oxygen to fuel the fire even though it allows for exhaust to escape producing less heat due heat loss up the chimney.  These logs produce some soot when the flame touches the log but do not require much cleanup.  

Vented Gas Logs collections from Emberside which include 18" to 30" log sets starting at $149.

Why Are Vented Gas Logs Beneficial?

No Wood Smells. They burn better then real wood and dont have all the burnt smells or mess

Durable. Vented Gas Logs last a long time

Shipping. You can have them shipped easily and installation is easy

Colorful. They emit great colors and look realistic

Cost Effective. You can buy vented gas logs for only $149 from Emberside


We have many types of vented gas logs sets which can easily be ordered and shipped to you online.