California Gas Logs and Fireplaces

california gas logs and fireplaces sets

Gas Logs in California

Imagine an authentic looking gas log fire in a stylish fireplace with the push of a button to enhance your home on cooler nights in California.   Knowing which fireplaces are approved for use in California can be confusing due to the comprehensive guidelines in the California Building Code.  Luckily, we have put in the work for you to navigate through these rules to simplify your decision. 

Which fireplaces are approved for use in California? 

Vented VS Vent-Free

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When it comes to gas log sets, there are two major types: vented and vent-free. Due to California law, we only sell and install vented gas logs. 

  • Vented – Vented gas log sets are designed to be vented by a chimney, just like a fireplace. These are great for homeowners who have a working chimney and want to convert their wood-burning fireplace to gas. Our vented collection has incredible realistic flames and is carefully hand-painted to produce the most authentic look possible. From charred oak and cedar to split oak, white birch, and coastal driftwood, you’ll find it all here at Emberside. We carry large, small, and standard-sized sets, so no matter how large or compact your fireplace, we have a vented gas log set for you! 

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  • Vent-Free – Not compliant in the state of California.


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