What Are The Gas Log Benefits?

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The dancing flames of a fire can create an unrivaled, cozy feeling of home and comfort. Gas logs create this sensation without the use of electricity and have many advantages over real wood:

1.) Hassle-free - Gas logs bring the comfort of hearth and home with the light of a match. You don’t have to interrupt your book to get another log or clean up messy ashes after the fireside chats end. You also don’t have to chop and carry wood or go to the store when a storm is on its way. That means you aren’t cleaning the chimney or bringing bugs or termites inside your home either.


2.) Cost-effective - Gas logs are the most inexpensive way to enjoy a fireplace because the primary cost is the purchase and installation compared to the ongoing cost of firewood.


3.) Safe and efficient - While you should take safety precautions as with any appliance, you don’t have to risk sparks flying in the middle of the night or getting hurt cutting firewood with gas logs. You can conveniently turn off the fire when you go to bed or leave the house, avoiding smoldering embers or creosote build-up that can cause chimney fires.


4.) Beautiful - Intricate, handcrafted combinations of large and small logs both light and dark can evoke a traditional campfire, the rustic mountains or a royal oak. Tall, dancing flames can char the logs just like real wood to create a perfectly realistic experience.

Choosing a Gas Log Set 

There are important key issues to take into consideration when selecting what type of gas logs will best accommodate your fireplace as well as suit your home and personal taste.   The first thing is to find out what your venting options are.  This will determine the type of logs to choose from.  Gas logs are separated into two categories, vented and vent free, each with their own advantages.  

Vented gas logs require a fully functioning fireplace with a chimney.  These logs are realistic and have a natural looking wood burning flame.  Most of the heat generated by vented logs escapes up the chimney and these logs do produce some soot when burning.  

Vent free gas logs need to be installed in an approved fireplace, usually subject to sate and local codes.  Vent free logs deliver more heat into your home but do not have the realistic look of a wood-burning fireplace.  

It is also important to measure the width, depth and height of your fireplace before purchasing a gas log set.  A simple measure will ensure you choose the correct size logs to accommodate your fireplace.  It is also important to determine if you have natural gas or will need propane gas to fuel your logs.  If your home has a natural gas line installed in the fireplace, then the choice is decided for you.  If not, you will need to select a gas log set that utilizes liquid propane. Visit Emberside and purchase your new gas logs or fireplaces today!