Illinois Gas Logs and Fireplaces

Gas Logs in Illinois

With cold winters approaching it is very important to invest in quality gas logs and fireplaces for your home. We at Emberside recognize this and are top manufacturers of products which can be shopped online and sent directly to you. What separates us is that we are the manufacturer and therefore we can offer the lowest prices on our goods.

Our gas logs are custom made for all homes in Illinois and will fit perfectly in your gas fireplace. There are however some rules associated with your state and we advise you to review these when making your decisions. For more information visit here to see if your city allows them.

Vented Gas Logs

What are vented gas logs? Vented gas logs are realistic and must be burned in a fireplace capable of burning real wood. You also do require a chimney as the gas needs to be burned cleanly and go up a shoot to release the gas. The flames are also very tall, and you do not need a CO2 venter.

Our prices start at $149 and we carry stocks of various kinds.

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Vent Free Gas Logs

The main thing that separates vented from vent free gas logs, is that with vent free gas logs you do not need a chimney in your fireplace. These gas logs have much more heat then their counterpart and they will warm up your home much quicker. You do require a CO2 venter with these as well.

The prices for these logs vary however we have them starting at $149 each.

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illinios gas logs and fireplaces