North Carolina Gas Logs and Fireplaces

Gas Logs in North Carolina

If you are looking for an online store in North Carolina that carries’ stock of gas logs and indoor and outdoor fireplaces, then look no further than Emberside. We have a wide range of vented and vent free gas logs and fireplaces that are shipped easily to your door. When you are shopping for fireplaces it is very important to determine the rules and codes for having fireplaces in your state.

Which fireplaces are approved for use in North Carolina? 

If you review the fireplace codes in North Carolina on this page, you will notice that the only rule is that you cannot have vented fireplaces in any basement. Other then you can purchase and place these anywhere in your home.

Vented VS Vent-Free

Vented gas logs are different to vent free in the fact that they are realistic and provide flames that look close to the real wood fireplace. Vented gas logs need to be vented via your chimney and thus loose a little more heat than vent free gas logs. They start at around $149 and are affordable and great for your home. Shop for Vented Gas Logs Here

Vent free gas logs do not need a chimney and so all the heat is sent into your living area which quickly warms up the house. They start at roughly $169 and can be easily purchased and installed in your home. Shop for Vent Free Gas Logs Here