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States We Deliver Gas Logs and Fireplaces To: 

Heat your home while creating a warm, inviting living environment using gas logs from Emberside. Gas logs provide numerous advantages over a wood burning fireplace.  Some of their advantages are that they maintenance free, pose a lower fire risk and can be installed without the additional cost of a professional.  With no ash, no wood, and no hassle you'll quickly forget the inconvenient days of purchasing, chopping or the mess of burning real wood. Our log sets contain a manual controlled valve system and is built to work with the natural gas fuel supply in your home. Our ceramic logs are very realistic looking and recreate that dancing flame pattern of a real wood burning fire. 

When shopping for gas logs, it is important to understand the difference between vented or vent free logs. 

We deliver to California, Texas, Georgia, North Carolina, Tennessee, Michigan, Illinios, Missouri, Kansas and Virginia. 

Vented gas logs are the best way to achieve an experience close to that of burning real wood. Realistic looking flames surround the edges of logs and ascend high into your firebox, just the way that wood burns naturally. They also create a more "yellow color", which resembles real burning wood more effectively than vent less gas log. Emberside offers many styles of vented gas logs shipped directly to you.  

Our vent free unit pushes heat into the living space, rather then up a chimney. This allows for an amazing 99.9-percent heating efficiency, saving you hundreds of dollars on your heating bills in those cold winter months. Vent-free logs won't give you that roaring fire effect, as flame isn't as realistic or as high as you'll find with vented logs. But they are an efficient source of heat.  If you decide to purchase vent less logs, make sure to properly size and install the fireplace and follow the safety measures in your manual carefully.

For extra peace of mind, consider investing in a low-level CO detector to hang near the fireplace. You can buy a detector that measures down to a single part per million, called a low-level CO detector

Types of Gas:

  • There are two types of gas logs: Liquid propane and natural gas.
  • Liquid propane gas requires a tank positioned outside your home and will have to be refilled as needed.

Regulations for installation and use may vary by region.  Please review your local codes as they apply to vented and unvented appliances.  In absence of local codes, follow The National Fuel Gas Code ANSIZ223.1/NFPA .

Local building codes state codes and the type of fireplace you are going to use will factor into your decision-making.