Tennessee Gas Logs and Fireplaces

Tennessee Gas Logs and Fireplaces

It is always a much better decision to go with a top-rated manufacturer of gas logs and fireplaces then just a middleman. With Emberside, you do not have to worry about higher prices or middlemen as we supply all websites with our products.

All our gas logs and fireplaces are made in our huge warehouse and we custom build then to suit all types of fireplaces so that you can benefit the most out of what you order from us. We have a shopping cart online and you can have your products delivered in a day right to your front door. There are however certain rules of gas logs that you need to adhere to. For more information visit here to see if your city allows them.

We have two types of gas logs for Tennessee homes and they are vented and vent free. An explanation of each will be discussed below:

Vented Gas Logs

Vented gas logs are used in fireplaces that have a chimney as these must be able to release fumes into the chimney for expulsion outside. They are extremely realistic looking and start at $149 each. These do not require a CO2 venter and can be easily installed into your gas fireplace.

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Vent Free Gas Logs are also used in fireplaces, but they do not require a chimney at all. They emit lots of heat and can warm up your living area easily. They do require a CO2 venter and start at $149 each. In Tennessee it is important to have lots of heat in your home during winter so if you do not have a chimney fireplace then choose these.

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Tennessee gas logs and fireplaces