Virginia Gas Logs and Fireplaces

Gas Logs in Virginia

Choosing the right provider of gas log in Virginia is very important as these are long lasting products which are used to enhance your fireplaces and provide more heat on those colder nights. At Emberside, we produce vented and vent free gas logs and fireplaces which can easily be purchased online and shipped to you. What makes us different then all the other sites that offer these items, is that we are the manufacturer and you do not have to use a middleman to get these products. With this you can save a bunch of money and get the gas logs and fireplaces directly from the manufacturer.

There are certain rules relating to gas logs in Virginia, so it is important that you understand what is allowed in your state before purchasing them. For more information visit here to see if your city allows them.

Vented Gas Logs

We offer vented gas logs in Virginia which are very realistic and start at $149 each. These gas logs are called vented as they require a chimney in your fireplace so that the fumes can channel out of your living area. They do not require any CO2 venter and are great to enhance your room.

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Since no chimney is required for vent free gas logs, there is much more heat emitted from these and so your living area will be much warmer. These do require a CO2 venter and don’t use as much gas as their counterparts. They emit a pretty blue flame and can be installed in either an existing wood fireplace or vent free firebox. They start at $149 each.

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Virginia gas logs and fireplaces