Madison Split Vented 30" Gas Log Set

The rustic look and feel of the Appalachian Mountains inspired this charred design. The robust front and back gas logs bring out the nature of a true wood-burning fireplace.

Product Manual


  • Match-lit Madison Split Vented 30" Gas Log Set
  • Realistic, steel-reinforced handcrafted logs are highly detailed with special burn patterns
  • Dual burner system enhances the flame and creates the most realistic glowing embers in the industry
  • Pre-set to natural gas systems, no safety pilot kit required (Liquid propane option also available requires safety pilot kit)
  • Certified by CSA and Omni-Test Laboratories
  • Environmentally responsible
  • No smoke, sparks, ashes, maintenance or hassles
  • 10 logs in three sizes
  • 30” set has 60,000 BTUs
  • Optional accessories include glowing embers, safety pilot kit and extra lava rock
  • Made in the U.S.A.

Benefits of the Madison Split Vented 30" Gas Log Set:

  • Easy installation and looks great in most fireplaces 
  • The chimney will emit gasses and your living room will get warm fast
  • Each system will add ambiance to your living area
  • The flames look real 
  • Each set doesn't make a mess at all like real firewood 
  • The set will last for a long time 

We have many types of vented gas logs sets which can easily be ordered and shipped to you online. 





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